Church Records

Catholic Records:

  • Archdiocese of Hartford:
    • Access policy: Families need to contact the parish directly in order to obtain copies of the records. Access is at the discretion of the pastor.Useful Publication: “Lift High the Cross: The History of the Archdiocese of Hartford”Newspaper: The Catholic Transcript (previously under other titles). For publication history, visit Early papers are available on microfilm at the Connecticut State Library.
    Diocese of Bridgeport:
    • Access policy: Records older than 72 years are accessible to genealogists by contacting the parish. Useful Publication: “One Family in Faith: A History of the Diocese of Bridgeport.”
    Diocese of Norwich:
    • Access policy: Records are closed. Parish may be able to answer history questions. Useful Publication: “Catholics in Eastern Connecticut: The Diocese of Norwich.”

Terms to know:

  • Mission church: Not an independent parish, the records of this church will be found in the records of another church.
  • Mother church or parent church: The church managing a mission church.
  • Closed church: The church is no longer active; records should have been returned to the diocese.
  • “Yoked” church: The church is sharing an office with another church but maintains separate records.
  • Merged church: Two independent parishes now are administered together and will share record books.